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LinkedIn and the power of networks

I used to think of LinkedIn as a boring but worthy social network for business contacts. But I was wrong. Over the years it has become a critical B2B social network, with multi-million dollar deals often being done via the platform. LinkedIn has also disrupted the recruitment business and reshaped the way people find jobs. It changed […]


Leaders, problems, and action

“We measure a leader, not by the absence of problems, but how he or she confronts those problems and takes action.” – Rosabeth Moss Kanter There has been a long and largely unprofitable debate in management circles about the difference between management and leadership. Over the years I have come to a realisation that management […]

Annual Global CIO Survey 2014

The annual Harvey Nash CIO Survey launched in Sydney in early December 2014. This is a long running CIO survey with responses from more than 3,200 CIOs and technology leaders globally. It was interesting to join the panel at this event for a lively discussion of technology and business related matters. My fellow panelists were: […]

Internet of things, data security and privacy

I’ve been attending the 36th International Conference of Privacy and Data Commissioners in Mauritius, presenting on the Internet of Things (IoT) privacy and security to the attendees. It has made me very conscious of the tension between privacy/security and the drive to bring products to market quickly. Further, it seems that the challenges of data […]

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Australia, the gender pay gap, and everyday sexism

Sexism made explicit In the past it was easier to not notice the everyday sexism and misogyny that permeates life in Australia. But with the advent of Julia Gillard as Prime Minister it seemed that it was permitted to openly denigrate women. It shocked me. It was breathtaking. I spent the entire Gillard regime gobsmacked at what people, […]

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Business plan – ultimate waste of time or absolute necessity? #startups

There is an enormous amount of information and advice about creating a business plan for one’s startup. The advice ranges from the necessity to prepare a traditional narrative form business plan document, to preparing a business model canvas, or using a business planning tool or app. There are even notions like the idea-less startup, where the team is […]

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Predicting success #startups

“The only major personality trait that consistently leads to success is conscientiousness.” via Business Insider In large companies personality tests and similar instruments are often deployed to provide people with better insight into their own and team performance. Over the years I have participated in many of these – for example, Myers Briggs, DISC, Belbin Team Roles, Hermann Brain […]

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Startup, stay in business.

The biggest hurdle facing most startups is to stay in business long enough to be successful. If they accomplish this then they have the chance to turn into an ‘overnight success’ after many years of hard work. The numbers are against most new businesses. Many new businesses fail within the first three to five years. […]