About Caturday


Caturday is alleged to be a:

“4chan /b/ meme that involves mass-posting of images containing cats and cat related objects, like kittens. It is by far the most glorious and holy of days for /b/tards.

Though once performed only on Saturdays, it has since been declared that every day is Caturday. An average Caturday thread reaches around 300 to 400 posts, complete with retarded 4chan catchphrases and “DESU DESU DESU”.

Despite being a wretched hive of scum and villainy, 4chan has an unlikely soft spot for cats and relentlessly shun /b/tards who post pictures of Torturecat and Crushcat.”

Encycolpedia Dramatica (BTW: please beware that you might see or hear very rude things on that site if you click thru)

The Encyclopedia Dramatica reckons that the following formula represents the Fundamental Theorem of Caturday:

Fundamental Theorem of Caturday