1. Hi Lesley Ann, if you are new to Twitter you many not be aware that there is previous history including attacks from the people mentioned in the past. I find that ‘gracefully walking away” occasionally includes a block. I’ve only used it about 7 times in the last few years but you will find that the reason it is there is to silence repeat offenders -they are still free to bitch on, but you don’t’ have to continually pollute your own Twitter stream with it 🙂
    Regards Laurel @SilkCharm
    PS the outpouring of support has been amazing. Sometimes out of the attacks of a few, much good also comes 🙂

    • Laurel – good point! We all retain the right to choose who we communicate with, and Twitter has such a handy block function for those we don’t get along so well with 😉

  2. I’m very new to Twitter and I saw the fracas you speak of unfolding and couldn’t help thinking to myself…

    “these are the people I’m supposed to be relying on, following for guidance on how to use this thing effectively?”

    I know the whole thing was probably a storm in a teacup but I see it as a bit like when we hold our sports stars and other prominent figures to a high standard. If someone is in a position of leadership in Social Media then there is an expectation that they’ll uphold those standards of being a good community member as an example to their followers.

    Thanks for putting it into terms I can appreciate.

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