What are your business principles? Shedding light on Moore’s Cloud

I have long pondered the way we do business in the modern world. And, for many years, have argued for new approaches to business and capitalism.

It was partly this pondering that led me to co-found Social Innovation Sydney a few years back.

And, recently I’ve been working with Mark Pesce and the team on the startup, Moore’s Cloud. We’ve been discussing how we want to approach this business and what core principles are important to us. Following is what we’ve come up with:

Moore’s Cloud business principles

  1. We will always answer any question we are asked openly and honestly while respecting the privacy of others.
  2. We will conduct the operations of the business in a transparent way.
  3. We believe we have an obligation to teach what we know and to learn from what others share.
  4. We believe a healthy mix of collaboration and competition results in the best outcomes.
  5. We believe sharing our intellectual property creates the greatest value.
  6. We believe that the best profits generate social benefits.

Light by Moore's Cloud