Greetings! This is a where you can find out a bit more about me than is possible to convey in the 160 character one line bio on Twitter.

Just wanted to explain some stuff about how I work with Twitter and where you can find out some more info about me.

@kcarruthers by @firstdogonmoonAs the Twitter bio says “sometimes I feel like being a revolutionary cat” – longer bio information is available on my personal website or LinkedIn.

Please note that I only speak English (quite well) and French (quite badly) so if you tweet primarily in any other languages I’m unlikely to get into discussions with you in your native language.

Here are links to some posts that explain how I use and approach Twitter:

If you already follow me on Twitter, thanks very much! Feel free to tweet @kcarruthers so I can follow you back. Thanks for reading!

Thanks to my colleague Stephen Collins – @trib on Twitter – for the idea for this page!