Customer service in the digital age – what changes?

During an exchange on Twitter earlier this year with some folks who were attending #scrmsummit we chatted about customer service and about how costs are a real focus for most customer service activity. Thus, rather than focusing on excellent customer service, most organisations focus on the cheapest and most efficient form of customer service. But […]


Help a girl and you help a family, a village and the world #becauseiamagirl

I’ve been a big supporter of the Plan Because I am a Girl campaign – if you haven’t shared your story do it now! The other day @uskovic shared this video about the Girl Effect with me:   You Can Help Change the World Plan International says “There’s no greater enemy of inequality than keeping […]


Because I am a Girl

There are a lot of women who don’t like to be called a girl. It’s their choice. I don’t mind it and have even been known to refer to myself as a girl – usually as a geek girl. The interesting thing here in Australia is that I’m pretty much free to call myself whatever […]