Floods, community spirit and Australia #qldfloods

Along with most other Australians I have been moved and disturbed by the unfolding flood disaster in northern Australia. The floods are said to cover an area of Australia the size of France and Germany combined. Typical of Australia we also have bushfires in the western part of the country. Over the past few days […]

Social Innovation Sydney

Sydney’s inaugural Social Innovation BarCamp #sibsyd

Sydney’s inaugural Social Innovation BarCamp went well yesterday. The day kicked off with an opening talk by the Hon. Bob Carr, who kindly gave his time to support this event. Throughout the day we had some amazing networking and discussion sessions focused on creating sustainable futures and directing innovation towards social good. We also had […]

Being real

As a child I read a story where the main character wanted to be a ‘real boy’ and not just a wooden puppet. And this choice between being a real person – who connects with other people and things in an open and organic way – and being a puppet – driven by fear and […]

Why cupcakes, why animals?

My current obsession with cupcakes and supporting the RSPCA results from two things that came together recently. Last year I was intrigued to hear about the various cupcake camps that were being held around the world. It seemed like a nice thing to do – getting people together for a social occasion and trying to […]