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LOLCODE for Caturday in honour of #pyconau



Teh Definitive Lolcats Glossary

The Definitive Lolcats Glossary

sumtiems teh kittehs gets teh letters mixed up


O hai n welcum, Lolspeakrz n chzfrenz! This wiki is designed to be the *definitive* collection of key lolspeak terms and phrases, both native and borrowed, as well as an answer to questions like “why IS that walrus looking for a blue bucket?” Kthx. “

This site has everything – LOLspeak, web 2.0 like wiki-ness, etc etc

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Microsoft going LOLcode?

Nick Hodge suggests that future Microsoft developement may be in LOLcode?

Perhaps it is teh way of teh future …

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Lambdacats – more LOLcat madness

Given my obsession with LOLcats and LOLcode
it is with great delight that I discovered the existence of Lambdacats (hat tip to the sup3rl33t LOLcode), are they not adorable?

Dear Slashdotter, where have you been?

For all who have missed the significant developments in the LOLcode meme here is an update from Adam Lindsay (the inventor of this important concept):

Dear Slashdotter, where have you been?
“It looks like LOLCODE got some second-hand attention from a Perl6 story on the front page. It looks like some geeks out there had not heard of LOLCODE out there yet, so here’s a really quick review for those of you just joining us:

LOLCODE originated on creator Adam Lindsay’s blog in late May, 2007. The meme quickly spread throughout the ‘net by the time we hit June.

After some chaotic first steps, the LOLCODE specification reached some consensus on basic functionality via collaboration on the forum. The forum could use some new energy to help finalize specification 1.3, but please be respectful of the consensus that has come before.

There are numerous implementations already around. The Perl6/Parrot integration is the latest and (in some ways) most impressive, but there’s been some serious implementation work everywhere from Erlang to deep Java/Eclipse IDE integration to the .NET Dynamic Language Runtime.

Hey, if you’re interested, we sell t-shirts, mugs and other CafePress stuff at (I have a kid to feed, okay?)”

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speak lolcat – lolcat translator

Translate English into lolcat, the language of all cute animals and pets –

Docta dolittle eat ur hart out!

At last we can all speak fluent LOLcat

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At last someone has seen the light and is using LOLCODE for serious purposes!

more here

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