Savings and managing credit – a hard lesson to learn #febusave

We do not often share stories about our personal finances (except perhaps to boast of some great success?) but here are some hard won lessons I have learned. My parents were not great savers, subsisting from pay to pay in the way that many workers do. Thus I did not learn much about saving as … Read more…

List of things to simplify – finance

Thinking about things in my financial life that can be simplified or reduced: credit cards bank accounts superannuation fund accounts shopping insurance Off to work out an action plan to simplify each of these – the goal is to make them simpler, cheaper and/or better value for money.

Shopping plans

I’ve never really bothered to plan my shopping & have traditionally just bought whatever appealed to me on the day. But that is all about to change. I’m going to be planning my shopping from now on – checking labels and looking for good value. Any frugal shopping tips are most welcome.

Time for some public transport

This week my goal is to take public transport to the city on at least 3 business days. Just been checking out the NSW government 131500website to plan my trips. Now I just need to find a carbon reduction tracker so I can work out progress due to not using the car so much.

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