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Bushfire blog – 9 Dec 2002

Managed to get out of town to the south for church last night, but was afraid I might not be able to get back. As I left the fires were burning to the south of town & along the west side of the highway, right next to the road (quite scary stuff). There were 5 fire trucks there fighting the fires.

When I returned they were still there & the fire was burning with black smoke, I just managed to get through before they closed the road again. So I am not off to work today. At about midnight last night heavy smoke & some ash came over the town, I went out to see if I could find out where it was coming from but it was too thick. The smoke was so heavy you could only see half a car length in front of your face.

This morning it is not so heavy but still quite thick. The road to the north remains closed as does the railway (although there is a 24 hr gang working to open the rail link). Most people in town seem to have stayed home, the community feeling remains strong. We are conscious that the fires still burn not too far away & we cannot remain complacent.

The fire fighters have done an excellent job, people have written thank-you signs to them on sheets & hung them outside their houses.

Yesterday I found out that some people just to the north of town lost their houses, they were right in the bush & did not have any water. Everyone in town really needs a swimming pool for bushfire season as we lost water pressure when the fires were at their worst. We plan to install a pool as soon as we can.