Why are all telcos unable to manage any customer service at all?

Recent experiences with two different telcos add up to the same thing – shockingly poor customer service.

#1 There have been a series of problems with one of the web pages I’m associated with. The telco in question has DNS problems every other day such that the site disappears. When the webmistress calls to ask she gets crap answers and the problems continue.

#2 I have recently filled out forms to transfer my mobile number from the work account to my own personal account (a service that was launched not long ago with much fanfare). Since then nothing has happened, in spite of me making a personal visit to a store to check how to fill out the form, except the telco has sent me two separate letters asking for the same info. The only problem is – I’ve already given them that info.

It was no surprise for me to discover that the most hated supplier of all for my class mates at university is ‘telcos’ in their various forms.

Australian software awards 2004

Was on a judging panel for the Australian Consensus Software Awards yesterday. It is fascinating how much really good software is out there, innovative and clever stuff. The winners are not announced for a few weeks – but info will be on the Consensus site fairly soon.

It is also interesting the variety of business models people in IT are using. The smaller companies (really micro businesses) often have a great idea & excellent development work but sometimes there is little idea about of how to bring the idea to market effectively.

I think there is a real market niche for a shared marketing resource across a number of these micro businesses. They clearly need help and probably don’t know how to get it, on the other hand, they may not even realise they need that kind of help.

Good post on women in security

There is an interesting commentary on women in security on www.oneeyedcrow.net

“Okay, rant time. In quick succession, the subject of women in the security field has come up several times this week. Many of the male security geeks I know have no idea why there aren’t more women in the field. Well, in a nutshell, this post and others like it are why. Pathetic script kiddie bullshit like this drives women out of the field.”

Sometimes the boys just don’t get it!