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More on getting ADSL in Sydney – evil Telstra still trying to stop me

The next installment in my continued quest to obtain late 20th century broadband access in the 21st century …

Phoned Telstra and was advised “you have pair gain there is nothing that can be done”. They essentially told me to go away and stop bothering them.

Wrote email to Justin Milne, Managing Director, BigPond (Telstra internet department) asking why I cannot get modern technology when I live in the largest city in Australia.

So far no response, but did a little research & found a great site that explains some of the ways to keep up th fight. It is on the web site Telstra :

When NO can mean YES. I’ll be trying some of these suggestions and will track my progress here.

In the meantime, I’ve also discovered a lot of people who hate Telstra, this includes (but is not limited to:

RESULT: As soon as the wireless networks that do not rely on Telstra come of age I will be an early adopter. Telstra is a business that ignores their customer’s needs & as such they will become a dinosaur – we may just find Telstra’s fossilized remains in the not too distant future?