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ALP Politics in Australia Getting Weirder …

Just when you think politics here is settling down to the usual pre-election party favour handout phase someone somewhere does something entertaining.

This last week it has been the adoption of ex Midnight Oil front-man and sometime greenie, Peter Garrett, as an ALP candidate for a safe federal seat in Sydney. As a person who has always appeared quite idealistic it will be interesting to see what happens with Mr Garrett as the ALP party machine does its thing.

Will he hold up to the pragmatism (a.k.a. ‘moral vacuum’) that is party politics, or will he snap? I do hope it goes better than last time they co-opted someone (does anyone remember Cheryl Kernot?)

One thing is certain, Peter Garrett, with his past as a rockstar who made a variety of ‘alternative lifestyle’ choices, is bound to remain popular with the media and entertain many of us over the next little while!