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More on Telstra & Pair Gain …

The more I find out about this the more annoying it is … It has been a year since this was written, but NOTHING HAS CHANGED IN THE PAST YEAR!

This Week in Asia Pac – A pair in the line is no gain Written by Darryl Nelson, June 2003

Australia’s broadband infrastructure just can’t get the tangle out of the line. A report this week suggests that some 30 percent of customers wanting ADSL are frozen out, not least because of pair gain technology, while another says the cost of cleaning up the mess will be A$2bn. The first report states:

‘A senior executive at one of Telstra’s leading wholesale customers, who asked not to be named, said that Telstra had promised the company so-called “failure rates” – or customers unable to get the ADSL for technical or distance reasons – no higher than 10-15 per cent of all users.

The executive said: “We are experiencing failure rates of over 30 per cent.”

Reasons for failure rates tend to relate to the architecture of Telstra’s copper network and the distance customers live from a Telstra exchange.’