More on Telstra & Pair Gain …

The more I find out about this the more annoying it is … It has been a year since this was written, but NOTHING HAS CHANGED IN THE PAST YEAR!

This Week in Asia Pac – A pair in the line is no gain Written by Darryl Nelson, June 2003

Australia’s broadband infrastructure just can’t get the tangle out of the line. A report this week suggests that some 30 percent of customers wanting ADSL are frozen out, not least because of pair gain technology, while another says the cost of cleaning up the mess will be A$2bn. The first report states:

‘A senior executive at one of Telstra’s leading wholesale customers, who asked not to be named, said that Telstra had promised the company so-called “failure rates” – or customers unable to get the ADSL for technical or distance reasons – no higher than 10-15 per cent of all users.

The executive said: “We are experiencing failure rates of over 30 per cent.”

Reasons for failure rates tend to relate to the architecture of Telstra’s copper network and the distance customers live from a Telstra exchange.’

Australia is a Broadband Backwater

Daniel’s points are all too true! Australia is a broadband backwater and it is all due to the incompetence of Telstra. They have a number of practices that have worked against take-up of these solutions. So much for the clever country?

Daniels Blog:

It says that by 2008 only 13% of Australians will have broadband.
It’s not surprising really, Telstra can’t even ADSL enable my 3 year old estate that is less than 20 km from the CBD of a major city. The report by IDC sites a service in France: ‘consumers could get a bundled service offering free phone calls, 2Mbps ADSL and TV ‘for about a third of the price of what you could get in Australia’

I think the root of the problem is simply Telstra. It should never have been privatized, now instead of providing a community service, it is concerned with meeting shareholders expectations. Instead of ADSL enabling my housing estate which would have taken a long time to repay the outlay, Telstra opt for the minimum requirement of just ensuring basic telephone services.

Most Australian’s don’t really understand why geeks and IT professionals hate Telstra so much, some of our friends think that I’m being totally unreasonable when I say that Telstra has made Australia a primitive technological nation. What these people don’t usually see is the high cost of basic services (how often does Telstra put up your phone bill?), the late adoption of services and poor customer service. “

ALP Politics in Australia Getting Weirder …

Just when you think politics here is settling down to the usual pre-election party favour handout phase someone somewhere does something entertaining.

This last week it has been the adoption of ex Midnight Oil front-man and sometime greenie, Peter Garrett, as an ALP candidate for a safe federal seat in Sydney. As a person who has always appeared quite idealistic it will be interesting to see what happens with Mr Garrett as the ALP party machine does its thing.

Will he hold up to the pragmatism (a.k.a. ‘moral vacuum’) that is party politics, or will he snap? I do hope it goes better than last time they co-opted someone (does anyone remember Cheryl Kernot?)

One thing is certain, Peter Garrett, with his past as a rockstar who made a variety of ‘alternative lifestyle’ choices, is bound to remain popular with the media and entertain many of us over the next little while!

John Howard, Australia and the United States

I keep wondering when John Howard will go to the next logical step?

First we became the deputy sheriff for the US in Asia, then we went to war by their side in Afghanistan and Iraq, now we are making a free trade agreement with them.

Surely the next logical step is Australia becoming a US state. Perhaps then we could remove some layers of government here?

For example, we could abolish the state governments and turn the Australian federal government into another US state government. It’s not such a silly idea really!

5 Patterns of Extraordinary Careers: some interesting ideas for the ambitious person

Found this site in my wanderings the other day when I was supposed to be studying for an exam. It is based on a book called The 5 Patterns of Extraordinary Careers by James M. Citrin and Richard A. Smith and more info can be found at

The basic premise of this book is that people who have extraordinary careers display some common patterns:

  1. Understand the Value of You
  2. Practice Benevolent Leadership
  3. Overcome the Permission Paradox
  4. Differentiate Using the 20/80 Principle of Performance
  5. Find the Right Fit (Strengths, Passions & People)

There are some really good ideas here and a quiz you can do to see if your career will be “extraordinary”. Personally I’m always up for a quiz!

More on getting ADSL in Sydney – evil Telstra still trying to stop me

The next installment in my continued quest to obtain late 20th century broadband access in the 21st century …

Phoned Telstra and was advised “you have pair gain there is nothing that can be done”. They essentially told me to go away and stop bothering them.

Wrote email to Justin Milne, Managing Director, BigPond (Telstra internet department) asking why I cannot get modern technology when I live in the largest city in Australia.

So far no response, but did a little research & found a great site that explains some of the ways to keep up th fight. It is on the web site Telstra :

When NO can mean YES. I’ll be trying some of these suggestions and will track my progress here.

In the meantime, I’ve also discovered a lot of people who hate Telstra, this includes (but is not limited to:

RESULT: As soon as the wireless networks that do not rely on Telstra come of age I will be an early adopter. Telstra is a business that ignores their customer’s needs & as such they will become a dinosaur – we may just find Telstra’s fossilized remains in the not too distant future?