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Business Evolutionist: The Origins of Unengaged Employees

The Origins of Unengaged Employees has quite an interesting take on employee engagement, but I’m not sure that I agree completely.

Engagement is all about feeling like you are a part of something bigger and more meaningful than yourself alone. When I’ve been engaged at work it has all been as a result of non-tangible things like leadership, vision and teamwork. But often this has happened as part of setting up process and procedures so we can achieve more.

Jon’s argument seems to be that process and procedures stultify vision etc. While I think in the wrong hands it can, it does not necessarily do so.

Managed properly good process and procedure can actually free you up to do more creative stuff. And that certainly helps to create an environment in which it is easier to be engaged.

Complete chaos is not conducive to creativity and positive energy. On the other hand these are also not possible without high energy and visionary people.