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Dogs like cuisine too!

A longstanding research project of mine has now provided enough evidence for me to say that my dogs like to eat what we humans might call cuisine. They are Staffordshire Bull Terriers called Roy and Trotsky.
When they came to live with me as puppies three years ago I had never had a pet before (except if you count the guinea pig that got eaten by my neighbour’s dog the same day it came home with me when I was nine).  This meant that I was completely ignorant of dog culture.  So I started feeding them what the books and puppy school trainer said.
But after a few months just started feeding them whatever I happened to be eating.  It did not take them long to adjust to the new food regime.  In fact, I can leave raw meat out for them now but to get them to eat it I have to withhold other food all day before they’ll eat it.

Roy and Trotsky are particularly fond of Thai or Indian food – even eating whole chillies.  They also like a nice potage au bonne femme (leek and potato soup), and a nice roast with roasted vegies is also a favourite.

They do eat raw meat with bones and dry dog food – but it is clear that their preference is for cooked food with a lot of flavour.  I suppose this is not unexpected given their liking for smelly foods (stilton cheese and water crackers is another favourite, as is pate de fois gras with melba toast).

So the result of my three year experiment indicates that Roy and Trotsky prefer human food (preferably cooked with spices) over dog food.  I reckon if these dogs could cook there’s no way they’d eat anything else – luckily for them and me our other pack mate (a human) can cook for all of us.