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Australia’s nanny state grows apace…

The NSW Independent Pricing & Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) released a report yesterday recommending that clocks and pop up messages warning gamblers that they have been playing too long on poker machines should become compulsory.  The report also considers measures such as pre-committment such as setting a time or dollar limit prior to commencing gambling at a poker machine.  The acting chairman of the tribunal said the aim was to balance reduced problem gambling with the legitimate freedom to gamble.  Various politicians and club officials said they welcomed the news.

Source: “Warning to problem gamblers: clock off“, John Stapleton, The Australian, Sat 24 Jul 2004, p. 111

At the very least every measure like this that reduces the responsibility of an individual to make their own life choices & creates a dependent individual.  Over time this increasing regulation of personal life and action will reduce us to adults with childlike levels of capability to decide courses of action for ourselves.  Again the nanny state grows in Australia!