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Points of Information – We’re off to see the wizard

Points of Information is an amusing Canadian take on the quaint Australian custom of compulsory voting in elections (i.e. the government punishes you by way of a fine if you cannot be bothered to get of bed and cast a vote in municipal, state & federal elections). As Tim Poon comments:

“Well, I dunno. I appreciate that voter participation is a key part of democracy, but punishing folks for not voting seems a little harsh. Of course, I’m not sure that bribing voters is the right approach, either. Is a “compulsory” voting process a “good thing” for democracy?”

Well it does mean that everyone votes (or most people) BUT does it mean their vote counts for something? I’m not so sure about that!

And we Aussie all get to have our democracy sausage at the polling places on a Saturday.

Bob Hawke getting his democracy sausage