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Liberal V. Conservative in Oz

Ally often has an amusing turn of phrase, recently she said that another blog she had read “reminds you of the time the light went on for you and you realized that conservatism was not as dorky as it originally sounded – hell, maybe even those dumb conservatives had a point”.

It got me thinking about this same political divide here in Australia for those who might be coming to a similar realisation. Here our conservatives are called “Liberals” (which only confuses things slightly), our “Democrats” are a tiny faction without any real bite, our democratic socialists are called “Labor”, and the real growing force in left wing politics is the “Greens” (who sound more like a family than a party – with that name & all the squabbling).

The trouble is no one party suits my beliefs. The original basis on which the Liberal Party was formed is actually closer to my beliefs. The trouble is that they’ve become more like the Labor Party. The trouble with the Labor Party is they’ve become more like the Liberals. So who do you follow? The Democrats who could not find a policy if you mailed it to them at home? The Greens whose radical agenda should scare anyone who can think?

It’s hurting my brain to think about it – there are no real libertarian conservative parties here. I might have a nice cup of tea and lie down with a nice Trollope instead.