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Only 26 more sleeps until the election is over!

It is with a grateful heart that I realise that it is only 26 more sleeps until the Australian election is over. Perhaps to liven things up during the campaign they should make the contenders put on sumo wrestling suits & fight instead of the extremely dull debate they had last night. The sheer tedium of the media presence of John Howard and Mark Latham have been unrelieved by any such comic relief.

As Barry Cassidy over at the ABC has pointed out the “Worm [on the televised debate] surprises but ‘Dicko’ may have final say”. The people the contenders want and need to engage are actually all watching Australian Idol. And the fact is you can vote on that without having to leave home. The voter participation rates would be much higher if we could just SMS our votes in.

One thing is for certain John Howard is looking old and tired – and his messages are all sounding a little repetitive. I’m still not sure that Mark Latham is the answer either. One thing is certain, now that they know officially about the surplus they will be handing out the bribes to any swinging voter they can find (unfortunately this group never seems to include me).

It will be interesting to see how it all pans out. There is good coverage of the election on the ABC Election 2004 site.