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Brushes with Fame

Sometimes through life you run into famous people – we call these ‘brushes with fame’ in my family. Recently I was reminiscing with friends about two brushes with fame that related to well-known international politicians.

Many years ago – in the mid 1990’s – in Sydney Australia I met George Bush Snr at a function. Funnily enough Mr Bush stopped to chat with me (much to the concern of the security folk) during a circuit of the room. We chatted for about five minutes about how he was enjoying his trip, nothing of any consequence was discussed. But one thing I do recall is that he seemed like a really nice guy who seemed to take a genuine pleasure in meeting people. You can see how this would have come in handy in his old job.
Then not long after that, at another function, I met Margaret Thatcher – nowadays Baroness Thatcher – at another function. While Lady Thatcher was very polite and chatted with me for a few minutes it was hard to see how anyone had ever warmed to her on casual acquaintance. She did not seem the type to be comfortable just chatting with anyone, and she gave off a more intense vibe than Mr Bush.

I now wonder if the different levels of warmth I experienced from each of these politicians was the result of a cultural difference between the US and UK?