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Conservatives Fight Back – “Beware the Entertaining ‘Food Police’ “

The conservatives fight back against Supersize Me – there is a new web site that dissects & attempts to demolish Spurlock’s arguments against McDonald’s:

The “Food Police” are back, this time in a comedy entitled Super Size Me, produced by filmmaker Morgan Spurlock. Spurlock is a former TV show producer best known for his work creating the gross-out TV show “I Bet You Will” in which, among many other crazy stunts, he says he “bet a girl to let us shave her
head into a Mohawk… combined it with three sticks of butter and she ate her own hair in this giant butter hairball.”

Tech Central Station (TCS), a science, technology and public policy online journal, will serve as a clearing
house for materials related to the documentary Super Size Me. Our mission: to provide visitors with the facts and science-based information on obesity and nutrition to balance this film’s “gross-out” performance art. will have a special section on its website housing articles, analysis, studies, and other information relevant to Super Size Me. Visit to learn more.

According to Tech Central Station Host and nationally syndicated columnist, James K. Glassman, “Super Size Me is not a serious look at a real health problem. It is, instead, an outrageously dishonest and dangerous piece of self-promotion. Through his antics, Spurlock sends precisely the wrong message. He absolves us
of responsibility for our own fitness. We aren’t to blame for being fat; big corporations are!”

As for me, the only time I eat the traditional McDonald’s fare is when I am drunk and it is about 3 am. It really helps as I throw up almost immediately afterwards thus helping to avoid a bad hangover! On the other hand I am real fan of their new menu of salads & stuff – it’s worth checking out.

As to anyone who believes that you can eat any brand of junk food all the time and in large quantities & not become obese and/or unhealthy in some way – you need to work on both your mental faculties and logical reasoning capacity.