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Daily Kos: I’m a Republican: Fuck you

There is a an interesting take on US politics on a site (of the Democratic persuasion one might imagine 😉

It seems the Democrats are so busy being cross that they cannot focus on getting some policies that sufficient Americans will vote for (much like our own Labor Party here in Australia).

Daily Kos :: I’m a Republican: Fuck you

The Democrats and the Australian Labor Party really need to get over the old idea of class war against the so-called ‘fat cats’ of the Republican or Australian Liberal Parties, and just get some policies that ordinary people can believe in.

A lot of people seem to be upset over the use of the word “fuck” in this post, but is more of a concern is the stereotypes that seem to be floating about in the political space. A failed leader of the Australian Labor Party once described himself as a good hater. This is a similar viewpoint to that espoused on Daily Kos, if that is the attitude of the people in the party no wonder voters were scared. Nothing positive can grow out of hatred.

Thanks to Ally over at Who Moved My Truth for the link

This post at Daily Kos also highlights the politics of the word “fuck”.

Now my reading of it as a foreigner to the USA is that amongst some people it is used often and in a similar manner to “um”, and amongst others it is never voiced. To certain extent usage of the word seems to be split on geographic and age lines, i.e. people in rural areas and older people do not say it (or least not if ‘ladies’ are present), while people in larger cities and younger people use it quite frequently. Of course, there would be individual exceptions to this generalisation.

In Australia, use of the word “fuck” is more common amongst younger people, usage ranges from the word appearing in every sentence to the occasional ejaculation of the word in moments of extreme emotion. I have an Aussie friend living in Colorado Springs who recently advised he only uses the term “jeepers” at work as anything stronger is much frowned upon. Chuck is finding it quite difficult not to say “fuck” at his new place of employment. Whereas in Australia it was fine to say it as long as it was not in front of clients.

In the past “fuck” was a completely taboo word in Australia, but now it is common parlance and is even in television shows in early evening time slots. Now the last taboo word in Australia is “c**t“, but even this word is being used more frequently in conversation and on television. An interesting phenomenon with the word “c**t” is younger women claiming the word and turning it into a positive word in contrast to older more negative interpretations. This is similar to African Americans reclaiming terms previously used against them in a derogatory manner, or to immigrants to Australia reclaiming the word “wog” as a positive term.