My dog is a zen master spiritual guide sent to help me

Now this may seem like a crazy sort of thing to say – but it is true that I’m learning many spiritual lessons from my dog.

Not that I’m claiming that Trotsky (that’s my dog, not the dead Russian politician) actually speaks to me. But , like Shirley Maclaine’s terrier ‘Terry’, Trotsky helps me to see the world through a different lens.

Her playful living in the now and way of not worrying about tomorrow* refreshes and frees me. It is hard to worry about anything when you are playing chasings with your Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Trotsky helps me to live in the now, this is something that is very hard in our society. Stress and pressure to achieve, to get more stuff is constant. But lying on the grass in the sun with Trotsky it is quite difficult to get to excited about that.

Also she teaches me acceptance – there are many things that cannot be changed. And dogs know that acceptance is the only way for a peaceful life.

Her simple and uncomplicated affection and clear expression of her desires (for a tummy rub or food for example) mean there are no weird mindgames being played. If only people were this easy.

So – while I do jokingly call Trotsky a zen master. Maybe it isn’t a joke after all?

* I do admit that dog consciousness may be such that it is impossible for them to worry about tomorrow, but it still helps me anyway.

Small Dead Feminist – time to dismantle organized feminism?

Kate over at smalldeadnimals comments:

“I speak as a woman who has worked in a male work setting for all of my adult life. I can say with some authority that the time has come to dismantle organized feminism.”

She raises some interesting points in her post small dead animals: Small Dead Feminist

Although I must disagree that we should “throw in the towel and accept our inferiority to men”.  Perhaps that was just irony? After all she is Canadian and not American.

Another week in Dell Hell!

My recent experience of Dell’s customer service is that it COMPLETELY SUCKS!

And, as anyone who can Google Dell Hell knows, I’m not the only one who feels this way…

For instance:

My DellHell Experience To Date
Overall, Dell has lost several pallet loads of my equipment (which I ordered with 3 months notice so they would have time to fulfill the order).

They refuse to return my phone calls.

They will not even take calls from our IT Director.

They have caused me to pay overtime for several hundred staff & to reschedule training all over Australia. This has doubled the costs of training PLUS the additional wages to staff.

This drama has tied up one of my full time staff for two weeks now, PLUS another person from our IT department. This means a pile of other work is now running behind schedule.

Nobody from Dell has apologised to me for this disaster. I just keep sending emails & voicemails into a black hole.

I Used to Recommend Dell – BUT NOT ANYMORE

I used to tell people how fabulous Dell was & recommend that they switch over to Dell for desktop PCs, Notebooks and Servers. Boy have I changed my tune!

PS: My firm has Dell’s ‘gold level’ support (and pays a pretty penny for it too) all to no avail

What Do You Believe That You Cannot Prove?

There is some really thought provoking stuff over at – Armed & Dangerous – ( full story here), an excerpt follows below:

“I believe, but don?’t know how to prove, a much stronger version of the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis than is currently fashionable. That is, I believe the way humans think is shaped in important ways by the linguistic categories they have available; thinking outside those categories is possible but more difficult, has higher friction costs. Accordingly, I believe that some derivation of Alfred Korzybski?’s discipline of General Semantics will eventually emerge as an essential tool of the first mature human civilizations.”