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Another week in Dell Hell!

My recent experience of Dell’s customer service is that it COMPLETELY SUCKS!

And, as anyone who can Google Dell Hell knows, I’m not the only one who feels this way…

For instance:

My DellHell Experience To Date
Overall, Dell has lost several pallet loads of my equipment (which I ordered with 3 months notice so they would have time to fulfill the order).

They refuse to return my phone calls.

They will not even take calls from our IT Director.

They have caused me to pay overtime for several hundred staff & to reschedule training all over Australia. This has doubled the costs of training PLUS the additional wages to staff.

This drama has tied up one of my full time staff for two weeks now, PLUS another person from our IT department. This means a pile of other work is now running behind schedule.

Nobody from Dell has apologised to me for this disaster. I just keep sending emails & voicemails into a black hole.

I Used to Recommend Dell – BUT NOT ANYMORE

I used to tell people how fabulous Dell was & recommend that they switch over to Dell for desktop PCs, Notebooks and Servers. Boy have I changed my tune!

PS: My firm has Dell’s ‘gold level’ support (and pays a pretty penny for it too) all to no avail