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My dog is a zen master spiritual guide sent to help me

Now this may seem like a crazy sort of thing to say – but it is true that I’m learning many spiritual lessons from my dog.

Not that I’m claiming that Trotsky (that’s my dog, not the dead Russian politician) actually speaks to me. But , like Shirley Maclaine’s terrier ‘Terry’, Trotsky helps me to see the world through a different lens.

Her playful living in the now and way of not worrying about tomorrow* refreshes and frees me. It is hard to worry about anything when you are playing chasings with your Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Trotsky helps me to live in the now, this is something that is very hard in our society. Stress and pressure to achieve, to get more stuff is constant. But lying on the grass in the sun with Trotsky it is quite difficult to get to excited about that.

Also she teaches me acceptance – there are many things that cannot be changed. And dogs know that acceptance is the only way for a peaceful life.

Her simple and uncomplicated affection and clear expression of her desires (for a tummy rub or food for example) mean there are no weird mindgames being played. If only people were this easy.

So – while I do jokingly call Trotsky a zen master. Maybe it isn’t a joke after all?

* I do admit that dog consciousness may be such that it is impossible for them to worry about tomorrow, but it still helps me anyway.