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Corporate Engagement: Dell: Don’t get ‘blugged’

Trevor over at Corporate Engagement is on his soapbox over some of the more self-important (and possibly self-delusional) bloggers around the recent Dell fracas. He coins the the term ‘blugged’ – which is a good one – for the phenomenon. He makes a good point about some of the self-serving campaigns that are starting evolve.

Corporate Engagement: Dell: Don’t get ‘blugged’. I propose a new term (at least I haven’t heard it before) and that’s “blugged”.

“Blugged” is what happens to you when a gang of self-important, attention-seeking bloggers decide to put in the boot.

These people roam the blogosphere looking for ways of proving that they really ought to be taken very seriously indeed.

So instead of just registering their concerns online so others can read their individual experiences they decide to organise campaigns and make lots of noise. Lots of traffic generating noise of course.

Blugging campaigns are always started and lead by a-listers (fatheads) and their link-seeking acolytes jump jump onboard.”

NB: there are still people out there (like me) with genuine reasons to be cross with Dell.