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Great Customer Service

Just had a great customer service experience. An excellent example of how good customer service can transform a bad experience into good PR.

I was trying to purchase a new leather folder online via Corban and Blair and the online transaction failed to process successfully. After three goes I resorted to the more low tech telephone to place the order.

Good thing #1: The call was answered by a friendly voice and the person already knew I’d had a problem and let me know they had planned to phone me that day to see if they could assist.

Good thing #2: The person already had my details but confirmed them just in case.

Good thing #3: Unprompted the person apologised for the inconvenience and waived the normal delivery fees for my trouble.

Result: A bad thing – customer unable to purchase online – has been transformed into a good thing – a happy customer.

The company in question was Corban & Blair, a design company based in Australia. I predict that with cool products & great customer service they will do well. I am telling everyone I know about this company & their products, I will shop there again. Good PR really!

How simple is this?

  • Treat the customer like they are actually important to you
  • Don’t waste their time
  • Don’t pretend to offer a level of service you don’t actually offer
  • Don’t be rude

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