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Social Networking Generation Gap?

At dinner with some gen x and baby boomer friends the other night it became clear that there is a generation gap between gen x, baby boomers and gen y et al. This generation gap is different to that which existed between my parents and my grandparents. The old generation gap was revealed via music – that is, my parents listened to rock and roll while my grandparents listened to Bing Crosby and other crooners.

The generation gap is now revealed via use of technology. Everyone from grandparents to toddlers listens to a wide variety of modern music – eclectica reigns. However, it is in attitudes to technology and social networking that the modern generation gap is revealed.

While gen x is happy to use LinkedIn to keep track of contacts, they are must less interested in Twittering with their friends, and the baby boomers were utterly horrified by very notion of Twitter and other tumblelogs.

Several of the male baby boomers had only recently acquired mobile phones (2G not 3G) and only turned them on to make an outbound call (to the endless frustration of their gen x & y mates). Their gen x partners could not conceive of life without a mobile phone, but drew the line at text based communications like SMS and IM.

On the other hand my gen y friends (who did not attend this dinner) would have been bemused to discover that there were people who did not live by text & instant messaging.

As for me, in my usual eclectic way, I do all of the above depending on how I feel.

0 thoughts on “Social Networking Generation Gap?”

  1. Richard Jennings

    I just wanted to let you know that I have used linked in for several months and find that it isnt very useful. If people want to contact me to share ideas, they have to pay linked in therefore, they dont contact me. I want to contact someone and share an idea, I have to pay so I dont contact anyone. There is no news on anything…its just a static database….I dont see how it is possibly useful..Try or has industry news too. My two cents.