Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare

The World Society for the Protection of Animals is one of many animal care organisations that is campaigning for a universal declaration on animal welfare. Why is it important? Because recognized principles of animal welfare could help achieve:

  • Recognition of the importance of the welfare of sentient animals;
  • Improved practices for sustainable agriculture;
  • Lessened risk of transmissible diseases such as BSE, rabies, bird flu;
  • More productive relationships between people and the animals under their control including companion animals, working animals, and farm animals;
  • A more compassionate global attitude to animals and their welfare, including attitudes towards their needs and habitats;
  • Promote biodiversity and acknowledge the risks to animals caused by climate change, habitat loss, pollution and other environmental factors;
  • Provide a benchmark for those countries with little or no animal welfare standards.

Sign the petition for the declaration on animal welfare .