GE Reunion

We had a bit of a GE reunion dinner in Sydney on Friday night – at the Bavarian Bier Cafe. It was nice to see everyone again, but I think that the mixed Bavarian Platter was a mistake (essentially multiple kinds of meat with sauerkraut & potato). Luckily I did not drink too many biers!

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Sysadmin humour

In my misspent youth I was a unix sysadmin and this post reminded me of why I quit.

“I think that we should officially make this the sysadmins credo. We’ll call it “The Abigail Oath” and require all new sysadmins to swear it.

Well, without the layoff part, maybe something like this:

I am hired because I know what I am doing, not because I will do whatever I am told is a good idea. This might cost me bonuses, raises, promotions, and may even label me as “undesirable” by places I don’t want to work at anyway, but I don’t care. I will not compromise my own principles and judgement without putting up a fight. Of course, I won’t always win, and I will sometimes be forced to do things I don’t agree with, but if I am my objections will be known, and if I am shown to be right and problems later develop, I will shout “I told you so!” repeatedly, laugh hysterically, and do a small dance or jig as appropriate to my heritage.

Mike Sphar, re: Abigail’s resignation letter”

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Digital Media & Convergence

Weirdly several people have wanted to talk about digital media with me over the last few days. It is very apt with the AIMIA Digital Media Summit so close (I cannot attend as so many of our digital projects are launching in September).

It made me stop to consider digital media and the way it is all converging. Several years ago everyone was talking about convergence, but the technology had not caught up with the idea. Now the technology is almost ready to support the idea.

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