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Forget Summer Heights High – Gormsby is the answer

Many people in Oz have been laughing along with Summer Heights High, which I’ve found to be only mildly amusing. But a friend recently put me on to a Kiwi show that is much funnier Seven Periods with Mr Gormsby.

Gormsby is described as “… an out-dated, reactionary, racist, sexist teacher completely out of touch with educational theory in the second millennium. He defies the curriculum in every subject and is a disgrace to the profession. He should have no place in any state or private school. We will close Tepapawai Boys High and appoint a commissioner if Mr Gormsby is not replaced forthwith.”

He is also a totally funny character, and the show has a much more cutting look at modern schooling. Forget SHH go for Gormsby.

via Aide-mémoire