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Article: The Intelligence Community: 2001-2015

This article issued by the CIA gives an interesting insight into some of the broader issues that face the world over the next few years.

The Intelligence Community: 2001-2015


Daunting Challenges, Hard Decisions

The Intelligence Community: 2001-2015

Aris A Pappas and James M. Simon, Jr.

Editor’s Note: The authors intend this article to provoke a broad discussion of the role of intelligence in a constitutional republic during an era of accelerating change and terrible new dangers. The effort was inspired by workshops held under the auspices of the Deputy Director of Central Intelligence for Community Management, where government, private sector, and academic experts reviewed the challenges facing the Intelligence Community between now and 2015. Participants were guided by the National Intelligence Council’s “Global Trends 2015: A Dialogue About The Future, With Non-governmental Experts.”

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