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3D Maps inside buildings

Below an item from CNET news about a 3D internal mapping product about to launch. This is very cool stuff and the future remains interesting …

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“October 28, 2007 9:01 PM PDT

The online mapping stuff just keeps getting better.

A company called EveryScape is launching on Monday a three-dimensional local search site that lets people “drive” down streets and even “walk” into buildings.

If you thought Google’s Street View was cool, wait until you see how you can ski down the slopes in Aspen, Colorado, or whiz over taxicabs and pedestrians through the streets of New York, Boston, and Miami. The inside views of buildings are only available in Miami and Aspen right now.

The visuals are stunning as you fly through the front doors of hotels, bars, and other buildings and turn around for a 360-degree view. It reminds me of a video game or a virtual reality environment, only everything here is real. …”

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