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Samsung mobile phone lemon

My previous post about the Nokia ad reminded me about the ongoing problem with my Samsung A701 Next G mobile phone. This puppy has been out of action for about 3 months now as the power/data port is cactus.

It has been sent back to Telstra for repairs, passed onto Samsung for repairs, returned from both still broken, sent back for more repairs & allegedly returned fixed this time. I’ll find out when I pick it up next week.

My key observation regarding this model phone is that that the power/data port is very fragile and quite poorly engineered. I will be ensuring that my next mobile phone has more robust power and data ports. This is so important now that your phone is more than just a phone.

I feel very disgruntled as this whole thing means that for months I’ve been using my old Nokia 6110i which cannot use the Next G features.

This is my first experience with a Samsung phone & it means that I am not likely to buy one again. Not happy with either Samsung or Telstra right now 🙁

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