Truly excellent post on “Why I use Twitter” by Dan York

This is a really great summary of how people are using Twitter and why from Dan York over at Disruptive Conversations, in summary he uses Twitter:

1. as a News Source
2. as a Knowledge Network
3. as a Virtual Water Cooler
4. as a way to stay up-to-date with friends
5. as a Travelogue
6. to Track Conferences
7. as a PR/marketing Tool
8. as a Learning Tool
9. as Fun
10. as a Daily Lesson in Humility (and Brevity)

But it is worth reading the entire post.

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Trying hard to cancel MySpace account

About a week ago I decided to start deleting some of my lesser used online accounts, starting with MySpace. It seems that it is very hard and takes a long time to delete a MySpace account.

I went to the MySpace site and followed the directions to cancel the account, have to date done this process several times now. To no avail. Is it actually not possible to cancel your MySpace account?

Finally in desperation I logged a support ticket, which received the following email. I have emailed another request to cancel this account, let’s see if it can finally happen (it is only week #2 of the process).

“Re: Account – How to delete? [ref:00D78NrS.50074htCV:ref]
Sent: Friday, 28 December 2007 10:23:47 AM
To: Kate Carruthers
Hello, The information below provides instructions on how to cancel an account/profile and addresses why yours may have been cancelled by MySpace. You can cancel your account/profile by accessing go to “Home” and select “Account Settings”. Please keep in mind that once your account/profile is deleted we WILL NOT be able to restore it for you. Click on the red link marked ‘Cancel Account’. Your account/profile will be cancelled once this information is updated in our system. This may take some time to complete so please be patient. If you wish to use the same email address for a new account/profile this can only be done once the address is released.

If your question pertains to why your account/profile was cancelled by MySpace or why content was deleted, please refer to our Terms of Service for more detailed explanations. Reasons could include, but are not limited to inapproproate images, racial content, excessive violence, copyright infringement of any kind, underage users, etc. MySpace is a community where free expression is encouraged. However, we also have a responsibility to all of our users to ensure everyone abides by our Terms of Service. If this does not address your issue completely, please press “Reply” and provide any additional information you feel is relevant.

Please do not alter the subject as it will be considered a new inquiry. For the most up to date messages about MySpace, subscribe to the MySpace Help blog! You get updates almost every day! Go here to Thank you for contacting
Please cancel my account I have tried to do this severaltimes now but no email has arrived to finalize the process(yes I have checked the junk mail). Many thanks for your help.
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MTUB Invades Sydney: STUB4 on Sunday

Repost from STUB website follows …

Some Melbournites (well, at least @fulltimecasual) are in our fair city, and have decreed that there shall be a STUB meetup, this Sunday (30th December) from 2pm at the Glenmore Hotel.

Where: Glenmore Hotel 96 Cumberland Street,The Rocks (map)
When: December 30, 2007 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Sponsors: (none so far)
Contact: Follow/message @fulltimecasual for details.
Public Transport: Closest Train Station is Circular Quay Station (City Circle Line)
Note: Public transport is running to altered timetables. Call 131500 or go to for timetables.


High points in Australia’s legal world in 2007

Over at the Sydney Morning Herald website Richard Ackland summed up some of the more memorable happenings in Australian legal circles in 2007, but two stood out for me:

“The NSW Court of Appeal upheld the right of judges to get in some important sleep time while trying cases. It was found in Cesan v DPP that justice can still be done by unconscious or ‘dormant’ presiding trial judges.”


“And for the most significant legal moment of the year there is the enduring spectacle of an Australian citizen pleading ‘guilty’ before an improperly constituted foreign ‘court’ for a war crime that did not exist – all with the connivance of the Australian government.”

Neither of these stories give me a warm fuzzy feeling about the rule of law in Australia.

…full story here

There is no ‘I’ in Team – but there is a huge ‘ME’ in team

I came across another lame article (no I will not dignify the piece of crap by linking to it, just take my word for it) that talked about there being no “I” in team. It made me cranky again (just after I’d recovered from the recent Samsung A701 mobile phone malfunctions too) as it avoided the whole point that teams consist of a number of individuals (a.k.a. me’s or ids).

The simple fact is that teams consisting merely of rampant ids in the form of individuals who do not have predetermined and agreed manners, forms and norms of behaviour are doomed to perpetual idiocy and indecision or rule by loudmouth. Further, it is management of organisations that sets and enables the particular form of team behaviour that is exhibited in each place.

From my experience, the best teams are those where decision making and rules of behaviour are agreed upfront with a view to ensuring that the best possible decision is made.

Well, I’m sick and tired of being in teams where the stupidest but loudest and best connected idiot in the room determines the direction that the group should take. I’m sick of decisions being made by the least qualified individuals in the building when there are others who actually have a clue in the particular problem domain.

My new year wish is for a world where people become self aware enough to admit they don’t know everything and defer to other individuals who actually have a clue about the issue under consideration.

Let’s see how my new year wish unfolds?