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Twitter is dangerous by ZDNet’s Michael Krigsman

Here is another critique of Twitter – this time as the enemy of corporate confidentiality. Does Krigsman not realise that the problem already exists with mobile phones & PDAs? I can already send a text message to the 200 people in my mobile phone’s address book. Although Twitter does make it more easy to do. It just means that organisations need to ensure people are aware of confidentiality issues. But you can never legislate against stupidity, so someone will surely leak something sometime.

Twitter is dangerous by ZDNet‘s Michael Krigsman — “Twitter is rapidly becoming a serious threat to corporate information protection. The program’s great strength — many-to-many messaging — becomes its great weakness in this context. Imagine this scenario: 20 people are in a confidential meeting, one of them using Twitter. This attendee broadcasts an off-hand “tweet” (Twitter comment) to his or her “followers” (Twitter friends). […]”

via Aide-mémoire