Cancelling Commercial Christmas

In my house, somewhat to the consternation of various relatives, we have decided that we are not doing anything for Christmas or on Christmas day. This means no presents, no family get together, no shopping at the mall (except for basic foodstuffs). We are just going to stay home and have a normal day off. Rest, maybe go to the beach, have a nap, etc.

We are not grinches, we are not angry with anyone. The fact is that our families are financially able to buy their own stuff, we are too. Nobody needs more food than we normally eat. We’re not saying we don’t want to catch up with family members. In fact, we plan to catch up with some them who are based in Sydney over the holiday period.

Nobody in my family is particularly committed to the actual date of 25 Dec, let’s face it Jesus was most likely born some time in April. December was decided on by the Church to hijack the Roman feast of Saturnalia, which was celebrated between December 17-25; or that of Sol Invictus. More on the origins of Christmas on Wikipedia.

I’ve got no issues with Christianity, I just think that Jesus would be horrified by the commercial debauchery that occurs in his name each year. It’s time for me to put a stop to it in my life. Simplicity, peace and no unnecessary shopping are the watchwords for this Christmas.

via Aide-mémoire