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Trying hard to cancel MySpace account

About a week ago I decided to start deleting some of my lesser used online accounts, starting with MySpace. It seems that it is very hard and takes a long time to delete a MySpace account.

I went to the MySpace site and followed the directions to cancel the account, have to date done this process several times now. To no avail. Is it actually not possible to cancel your MySpace account?

Finally in desperation I logged a support ticket, which received the following email. I have emailed another request to cancel this account, let’s see if it can finally happen (it is only week #2 of the process).

“Re: Account – How to delete? [ref:00D78NrS.50074htCV:ref]
Sent: Friday, 28 December 2007 10:23:47 AM
To: Kate Carruthers
Hello, The information below provides instructions on how to cancel an account/profile and addresses why yours may have been cancelled by MySpace. You can cancel your account/profile by accessing go to “Home” and select “Account Settings”. Please keep in mind that once your account/profile is deleted we WILL NOT be able to restore it for you. Click on the red link marked ‘Cancel Account’. Your account/profile will be cancelled once this information is updated in our system. This may take some time to complete so please be patient. If you wish to use the same email address for a new account/profile this can only be done once the address is released.

If your question pertains to why your account/profile was cancelled by MySpace or why content was deleted, please refer to our Terms of Service for more detailed explanations. Reasons could include, but are not limited to inapproproate images, racial content, excessive violence, copyright infringement of any kind, underage users, etc. MySpace is a community where free expression is encouraged. However, we also have a responsibility to all of our users to ensure everyone abides by our Terms of Service. If this does not address your issue completely, please press “Reply” and provide any additional information you feel is relevant.

Please do not alter the subject as it will be considered a new inquiry. For the most up to date messages about MySpace, subscribe to the MySpace Help blog! You get updates almost every day! Go here to Thank you for contacting
Please cancel my account I have tried to do this severaltimes now but no email has arrived to finalize the process(yes I have checked the junk mail). Many thanks for your help.
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  1. I am trying to do exactly the same thing right now… I’ve tried to cancel through the website several times, but no email ever arrives. I’ve just emailed them practically the same message that you did – let’s see who manages to cancel first! 🙂

  2. I am on my 5th time in 2 months trying to cancel my space. NO LUCK!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I have the same issue… and have seen many posts in regards to other people with the same issue. It’s very frustrating.

  4. I am so frustrated with trying to delete myspace account I’ve tried several times to no avail. I no longer have my old email address that I used when creating the account as soon as I try to cancel I get a message stating that I will receive a conformation to cancel but it’s through my old email account which I no longer have so how am I going to receive the conformation if I don’t have it….I am so aggravated!!!!!!!!

  5. I am so aggravated with trying to delete myspace account I no longer have the email address I used when creating myspace account I get a message stating that I will receive a conformation notice through my email to cancel well how am I supposed to receive it if I no longer have that email address I tried putting in my new email address but it doesn’t work there has got to be an easier way to delete myspace if you don’t want it….Signed aggravated in GA.