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What is most likely to help you reach the top?

Summary of the tips from LifeHack on getting to the top follows, the original post is from Oct 2007 but still resonates for me. This is worth thinking about today as we all consider resolutions for 2008.

  1. Whenever you can, act friendly and open
  2. Don’t be manipulative
  3. Take the risk (if risk it is) and freely offer your trust to others
  4. Focus on helping others, not helping yourself
  5. Be yourself
  6. Take time with people
  7. Listen more and talk less
  8. Remember your manners
  9. Try to be good humored at all times
  10. If all else fails in times of stress and crisis, remember this: keep a tight leash on your anger, stay calm, and forget about it afterwards.

“Friendly people have many friends: friends who will speak up for them, help them in tough times and watch out for their best interests,and, best of all, people forgive their mistakes and overlook their weaknesses.

Today’s constant obsession with competition and winning makes it easy for people to slip into bad habits towards colleagues, customers, and subordinates. The more successful you are, the more important it becomes to act with humility and genuine warmth towards everyone.”

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