Federal Government Regulates Internet Content

For everyone who is concerned about this matter and wants to get their head around the issues, the actual source documents are available as follows:

The legislation noted above was passed by the Liberal government in 2007.

What we actually do not know as yet is what actual regulations or legislation the current Labor government will enact. They seem to be just making confusing press statements at the moment. I know I’m confused!

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Human Rights Charter in Victoria

In the state of Victorian citizens will have basic human rights, like freedom of speech and freedom of religion, protected under a new charter from 2008. It’s a pity the rest of us don’t have the same guarantees. When will the federal government step up and assure our rights?

An excerpt from the media release follows:

DATE: Friday, December 28, 2007

“Victoria will make history on 1 January as it becomes the first Australian state to fully implement a Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities, Deputy Premier and Attorney-General Rob Hulls said today.

“Victoria is at an historic stage in the protection of rights in our community,” Mr Hulls said.

“The Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities formally protects 20 important rights and, by implementing this charter, we are sending a clear message about the way we in Victoria wish to live and be treated — with dignity and respect.”

As of 1 January 2008, all public authorities will be required to act in a way that is compatible with the charter and give proper consideration to human rights when making decisions.

Courts will also gain charter responsibilities on 1 January. People who feel a public authority has breached their human rights are not able to seek damages under the charter – however they will be able to raise the claim in court if they have another cause of action.

The Supreme Court will have the power to make a declaration if legislation is found to be inconsistent with human rights set out in the charter and Parliament would be asked to respond. ” Full media release here …

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Krigsman talking sense on IT projects

In Five tips for achieving IT success in 2008 by ZDNet‘s Michael Krigsman gives list of five tips that guarantee successful projects in 2008, summary follows below and full post here…

  1. Build a business case
  2. Engage stakeholders early and often
  3. Ensure strong executive sponsorship
  4. Manage vendors wisely
  5. Embrace and plan for change

You would be surprised how often these basic principles of project management are not followed, and how resistant some people are to doing them.

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What is most likely to help you reach the top?

Summary of the tips from LifeHack on getting to the top follows, the original post is from Oct 2007 but still resonates for me. This is worth thinking about today as we all consider resolutions for 2008.

  1. Whenever you can, act friendly and open
  2. Don’t be manipulative
  3. Take the risk (if risk it is) and freely offer your trust to others
  4. Focus on helping others, not helping yourself
  5. Be yourself
  6. Take time with people
  7. Listen more and talk less
  8. Remember your manners
  9. Try to be good humored at all times
  10. If all else fails in times of stress and crisis, remember this: keep a tight leash on your anger, stay calm, and forget about it afterwards.

“Friendly people have many friends: friends who will speak up for them, help them in tough times and watch out for their best interests,and, best of all, people forgive their mistakes and overlook their weaknesses.

Today’s constant obsession with competition and winning makes it easy for people to slip into bad habits towards colleagues, customers, and subordinates. The more successful you are, the more important it becomes to act with humility and genuine warmth towards everyone.”

Read the full post …

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New definition of consent in rape for NSW

Changes to the law of consent in rape come into force today. I think it is a big step forward to have consent formally defined. Some people have claimed that these changes will cause frivolous cases where women will have a change of mind after the fact. But nobody has been able to provide any evidence to support such a claim. Instead I think that the clarity of the definition will make cases easier to run.

In the latest amendment to the Crimes Amendment (Consent—Sexual Assault Offences) Act 2007 No 66 (Schedule 1 Amendments) under section 61HA(2) the “Meaning of consent A person consents to sexual intercourse if the person freely and voluntarily agrees to the sexual intercourse.”

and under section 61HA(4) consent is negated if:

“(a) if the person does not have the capacity to consent to the sexual intercourse, including because of age or cognitive incapacity, or
(b) if the person does not have the opportunity to consent to the sexual intercourse because the person is unconscious or asleep, or
(c) if the person consents to the sexual intercourse because of threats of force or terror (whether the threats are against, or the terror is instilled in, that person or any other person), or
(d) if the person consents to the sexual intercourse because the person is unlawfully detained.”

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