2nd Annual BRW Digital Media For Marketing Leaders Forum 2008 – APPARENTLY CANCELLED!

UPDATE #2, 3 Mar 2008: Well have finally received half hearted and limp ‘apology’ email from someone at IIR late this afternoon. Apparently they sent the email a few weeks ago to an old email address. This is in spite of the fact that I sent them an email & made a telephone call pre-Christmas 2007 to advise the conference organiser that that address was no longer valid. Also they would have received a ‘no such address’ response from the mail server at the old address. All around a pretty annoying situation.

UPDATE #1, 3 Mar 2008: Well it seems that I will not be presenting at this conference after all since it was cancelled. The only problem with this is that nobody told me that. Much to my chagrin I turned up at the venue only to find nobody else there! To sum up, I am more than a little miffed at this. Not only did I take a day off paying work to present at this conference, I also spent a lot of time preparing my presentation. Thus far the conference organising firm – IIR – has NOT contacted me even after I phoned them this morning to ask what was going on. Nor has the website been updated to indicate the cancellation. Not a very professional approach to things in my book!

NOTE TO IIR: I’m not feeling the love y’know 😦

I’m presenting a session on “Leveraging Multiple Platforms To Deliver An Integrated Marketing Ecosystem” at this event on 3 March. It has been interesting to think about this topic and consolidate practical experience with theory.


2nd Annual BRW

Digital Media For Marketing Leaders Forum 2008

Using Online Connectivity to Deliver Dynamic Business Results
3 – 4 March 2008, Amora Hotel Jamison, Sydney

“IIR’s 2nd annual BRW Digital Media for Marketing Leaders Forum 2008 will provide you with interesting, proven case studies and invaluable insights into the latest global trends and techniques. BRW Digital Media for Marketing Leaders Forum 2008 will allow you to learn how to synthesise your marketing efforts using digital media and be inspired by successful best practice digital marketing models to help you select and exploit the optimum digital medium to launch your branding campaign.”