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Went to Mobile Monday Sydney Last Night

First time I’ve made it to a Mobile Monday Sydney session – nice venue (apparently it rained last time & everyone got wet) and there were some interesting discussion re mobile technology. But do suspect that some presenters need more practise with the short time allotted to their talks.

My view is that these mobile applications are not yet simple enough for users en masse. Very close though – good usable mobile apps are not far off.

The interesting realisation I had was that, while the US has lots of 3G phones, they don’t have any 3G networks. So while large players like this are not in the game we are unlikely to see the scale to drive better UI and user experiences. It was also a shock to realise that Canada had a more restrictive regulatory regime.

From my own perspective mobile web is so slow as to remind me of olden days with dial-up internet! Can’t wait for it to get better, I hear a rumour that the government will fix it (but that could just be a joke?).

By Carruthers via Aide-mémoire