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Climate Change Music

Fifikins mentioned desert island music today, which somehow got me thinking about favourites of mine. Mozart’s Requiem is one fave. Then I came to suspect that this little piece by Mozart is good climate change music 😉

The words translate as:

Day of wrath, day of anger
will dissolve the world in ashes,
as foretold by David and the Sibyl.
Great trembling there will be
when the Judge descends from heaven
to examine all things closely.


By Carruthers via Aide-mémoire

0 thoughts on “Climate Change Music”

  1. You know I am so over Mozart Symphonies because of the school music appreciation thing, but Mozart’s choral and operatic stuff is still way cool! Ooh! Dies Irae would be up there with desert island music too… The anger in it is palpable.