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What is a geek?

Went to an Earth Hour candlelight BBQ last night and ended up having one of those late night conversations about ‘what is a geek?’ and ‘who is a geek?’

I’d never really thought about it like that before & so have been pondering notions with Twitterbuds this morning. But am very interested in what other people define a geek as, and who they think is a geek.

By Carruthers via Aide-mémoire

0 thoughts on “What is a geek?”

  1. I describe myself as a geek for the same reasons lesbians use the word dyke.I got really fed up when I worked in the City having VB programmers in suites sneer at me because I could grook UNIX, Perl, being a DB and networks.I also use it as a word to describe my tribal membership as I don’t have a very strong membership of any other cultural group.Thirdly I can’t really describe myself professionally using a single word (I cut code, design software, manage developers and projects, teach, do sys admin etc etc), but geek seems to cover it best…