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Survived BarCamp Canberra #1

Happy to report that I survived BarCamp Canberra #1 in spite of the fact that the town was overrun by Australia 2020 Summiteers.

Instead we were ensconced in the cosy ANU computer science building for some geek mayhem. I was impressed by the variety, passion and enthusiasm for technology that was displayed in the people there. It is quite inspiring to see so many people interested in similar things cooperating and sharing ideas.

I truly believe that if we want a vibrant and successful ICT industry in Australia it will not just happen via the big end of town. We need a ferment of ideas and active online and offline communities of practitioners. My question is how do we take the great collaboration and sharing that happened on the day and make it business as usual?

Many of the presentations from the day are on Slideshare

By Carruthers via Aide-mémoire

0 thoughts on “Survived BarCamp Canberra #1”

  1. Stephen Collins

    Glad you enjoyed yourself and it was worth the effort of the visit down from Berowra. See you next I’m up your way!

  2. Was nice to meet you and thanks for coming – was a totally awesome day!