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Generation or perception gap – the ADHD kids and the grown-ups?

A few people mentioned that they really hated the live blogging that went on during Interesting South the other night. From their perspective it seemed rude that the audience was not totally focused on the speakers and ‘in-the-moment’ and visibly paying attention.

I found this interesting because I cannot really just sit there and listen to someone without doing something else. For me to take in audio content I need to do some other physical activity (doodling or driving are great). So for me, live blogging an event is really helping me to lock into what the speaking is saying in a kinaesthetic way. Note: I have been diagnosed with ADHD and am advised that this kind of behaviour is quite ‘normal’. Also many of my friends display the same kind of behaviour – they are also into live blogging stuff.

But these comments made me realise that there is (perhaps) a new kind of gap rather than the old style generation gap. This new gap is between the parallel processor people and serial processor people – a gap between styles of attention and perspective.

Realistically each group is going to drive the other nuts – should be interesting to watch!

By Carruthers via Aide-mémoire

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  1. Totally agree Cathy… I was one of the “rude” twitters and i think your right about what we maybe should be calling the new digital divide.I enjoyed your analogy of serial and parallel processors.Your have a great blog btw… thoroughly enjoy your