Musings on Customer Service

A really unusual thing happened today. I had some spare time in between meetings and found myself in the city shopping precinct. And, since I’ve needed a new watch for a while, decided to go shopping.

I have no preconceptions regarding price – I just want a nice looking silver coloured watch that I can swim in, and that has some cool features that I’ll probably never use. I don’t care how much it costs really, as long as I like it.

Mission in mind I went into Angus & Coote, a large retail jewellery store in Sydney. I wandered around looking at the watches for a good five minutes. The store was not very busy and it was not lunch time. No staff greeted me or asked if I needed any help. Eventually, I called out to a staff member asking if someone could help me. She said she was busy with another customer, but did not offer to get someone else to help me. So me and my credit cards (gold, platinum, charge, Visa, Master, Amex, and debit cards) just walked out.

Funnily enough anyone who had bothered to talk to me at that store could probably have sold me a watch for a substantial sum. This is likely because I am a tragic gear freak. But nobody even said hello. That’s what us geeks call an “EPIC FAIL”.

Here was a customer who needed only a moment of effort to covert them to a sale. Now I’m going to tell all my friends about this experience. It’s not going to be a positive story about Angus & Coote jewellers in Sydney.

Further, now I’m going somewhere else to buy a watch. I’ll probably even tell my friends about that too.

By Carruthers via Aide-mémoire


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