PDC 08 & WomenBuild… inspiring career paths in technology

PDC 08 is the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference being held this year in Los Angeles, California from October 27-30. PDC is the conference where Microsoft displays its upcoming technologies, roadmaps & gives a sneak peak into the future of the Microsoft Platform. Its targetted at Solution Architects, and Cutting Edge Developers.

Check out Ms Eibner’s post on this, BTW she’s another inspiring woman in technolgy here in Australia.

By Carruthers via Aide-mémoire


2 thoughts on “PDC 08 & WomenBuild… inspiring career paths in technology

  1. However phrases like “…powerfully shift a group to more productive outcomes by accomplishing a deeper mining of the diverse wisdom within the group and a clearer shared conclusion…” makes me think it will be patronising bullshit.But I’m a just this geek guy so what do I know?


  2. Well the turn of phrase makes me think marketing person alert (entering jargon zone now). But I’m just a girl geek 😉


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